“Aukštupys” or the “Riverhead Village” is a countryside hotel and events / leisure centre just 33 km away from Vilnius. It occupies the territory of 30 hectares by the upper Merkys, one of the main Lithuanian rivers.
The Riverhead Village is ideal for big events and can host around 100 guests.
We are open all year long.

You will find in the Riverhead Village:
▪   the “big guesthouse” with bedrooms, banquet hall, sitting-room, semi-professional kitchen and terrace
▪   the “small guesthouse” with bedrooms, banquet hall, terrace, semi-professional kitchen and sauna
▪   the “summerhouse” with bedrooms, sitting-room, kitchen and terrace
▪   the “bathhouse” with bedrooms, sitting-room, terrace, sauna and country-style jacuzzi
▪   the old barn
▪   the penthouse
▪   children playgrounds
▪   endless meadows ☺

The Riverhead Village offers:
▪   lots of space and privacy
▪   harmony of nature and ethnographic architecture
▪   tasteful and comfortable interior design
▪   variety of leisure activities
▪   pure Riverhead Village water sources

Look around!